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Web Projects

Expressive Designs Florist
Site is run on osCommerce CMS. Provided web maintenance support to owner Vince @, specifically to fix products pages.

Ultralight Floats 
Web site maintenance for owner Malcolm who asked for emergency changes to his new website at There were about 7 pages of work updating content, removing obsolete images and buttons, and implementing a working Order Form page. Previously, the Order Form page was a static table.

Train Your Dog Kit
Web project to enable e-commerce payment using Paypal for purchased websites for the purpose of selling eBooks for download from a secure location. An osCommerce CMS was used to host landing page for the digital assets for sale. Here are the websites addressed as part of the web plan:,,,

SmartChoice Treatment
Set up new blog site using Google Blogger for inventors Eduardo Gatcho and Elma Britos at Site was meant to showcase development of motorized chair invention showing videos and image updates of the progress.

Talies In Works
Web maintenance on website for TaliesInWorks based in North Vancouver. The existing site used an artwork image for the background, sliced images,and image maps for the links using Photoshop.

Fish That Date
Design dating website using Joomla CMS. The Joomla framework uses PHP/MySQL including CMS components Community Builder, FireBoard Forums, Seyret Video, and MamBlog.


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MacBook Pro boots up showing a folder with a flashing question mark

This dreaded flashing question mark inside a folder means that the startup disk is no longer able to find a Mac operating system to boot from. There are a few things you can try to do to fix this yourself.

Reboot MacBook pro and then hold the Command (⌘) and R keys on your keyboard to startup from the macOS Recovery. I did this and was able to go through disk diagnostics telling me that there were some disk errors. I proceeded to fix what I could but found that on subsequent reboots to macOS Recovery showed different partition errors. Sometimes the disk utility completed successfully but other times it would stop repairing even if left overnight.

If you did have a failing disk drive, the marked errors would be consistent and multiple passes will bypass these marked errors. I had erratic results however which led me to believe it may or may not be a bad disk. The next investigation should be to look at the disk drive connections to the SATA controller.

Open the MacBook pro and take a l…

Troubleshooting Microphone Problems using Fortnite on PS4

My son has been playing the popular game called Fortnite on PlayStation 4 for many months now. There is social component to the game where a team of players collaborate by using their headset and microphone in their party/group chats. One day, the microphone on my son’s headset stopped working in Fortnite.  The troubleshooting that father-son had to go through to fix the issue is worth blogging about because I couldn’t stand seeing him get declined from Battle Royale party invites and just playing the game solo which isn’t as fun. For a few days, he would FaceTime his friends on our iPad so that they can talk on the side while playing Fortnite on PS4. You probably won’t want to go through that scene as well so I thought it’s time to put in some of the troubleshooting skills that we are so good at and put that to good use so that others can benefit from our experience. Here are 4 phases you will likely go through to try and fix this.

1) The first thing that…

3 Apps to Monitor and Control Your Kid's Mobile Usage

If you are like most parents with young kids, you will most likely have run into issues prying mobile devices and tablets away from your kids’ hands. In my house, my kids are only allowed to use these devices on weekends and only for a maximum of 2 hours. This is easier said than done however and they end up sacrificing quality time on their other activities so that they can get back to whatever it is they do on these devices. I heard at the school of a mobile app that they used widely to curb these addictions with kids and technology and thought about trying it out. The app was OurPact. I have other devices to manage however so I had to hunt around for others. The apps listed below allows for a trial period which then converts to a freeware license with a limit of 1 device that can be managed indefinitely. Here are the top 3 that I am using for both my iOS and Android devices:

• OurPact
• Kidslox
• Qustodio

 The setup was fairly similar among these apps, with a parent and child compo…