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Technical Support 

To quickly help you out with daily support, onsite support can be made available during the work week to provide quick emergency fixes including but not limited to:
  • internet and email issues;
  • logon or computer startup issues;
  • virus cleaning and containment;
  • printing problems;
  • hardware failures related to computers like hard drives, memory, CD drives, etc.

We will always try and resolve things remotely when possible however. The simplest price schedule is the per-hour model and is negotiable:

5-hour bank of hours (billed in advance) — $65/hr or $325 one-time retainer which expires in 1 year if unused;
  • 10-hour bank of hours (billed in advance) — $60/hr or $600 one-time retainer which expires in 1 year if unused;
  • 15-hour bank of hours (billed in advance) — $55/hr or $825 one-time retainer which expires in 1 year if unused;
  • 3 hours any day of the week for a month — $50/hr or $150/week billed in advance for the month at ~$600
  • Hourly — $70/hr

Please note the following regarding bank of hours (or block-of-time) only:
  • The block of time (or bank of hours) offered by AMIN Solutions expires in 1 year;
  • The block of time is valid 7×24, with a response time of an average of 4 hours;
  • Calls made after 17:00 and the holidays are counted as time and half;
  • The bank of hours can be used of on-site support;
  • The minimum time allotted for every on-site visit is two hours;
  • The bank of hours can also be used as telephone support and are counted in 30 minute portions;
  • A service receipt is signed by a person in charge on site. A copy is preserved by the customer and another for AMIN Solutions;
  • When 80% of the bank of hours is consumed, a request to top-off is issued to you.

Web Plans/Projects 
Web site package plans including

  • 1 web page design at $100 (base)
  • 5 web page design at $300 (bronze)
  • 10 web page design at $500 (silver)
  • 20 web page design at $700 (gold)

Or hourly at $20/hr, billed when 5 or more hours have been extended. An initial retainer of $100 is required.

Writing or Copyrighting
Rate is $20/hr or $85 per project or $0.15 per word.

High-school Math 10, 11, 12, preparation for the provincial exam. Rate is $15/hr for the first 4 sessions, then goes up to $20/hr after that. Previously worked for Tutorisland, Clarus Education Centre in Coquitlam, and Tutors-on-call.

Contact info[at]aminsolutions[dot]com


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