Hosting FTP server on windows or linux

There is some discussion going on internally regarding the ftp services at a client’s site. ftp is currently hosted at an isp as a paid service they have asked us to bring internally in order to save money. Other staff have exclaimed that it should be hosted on a linux server, no doubt because of security and strongly advocated against using windows to host this ftp service. I on the other hand don’t mind windows and using iis to host a public ftp server. I know many of you out there will gasp at this (mostly blackhats) but I think there are other things to worry about first in terms of security and this isn’t one of them. As long as windows patches are religiously applied and passwords regularly changed, that should be good enough. The tool is already there and its part of windows so it doesn’t make sense to provision another server with another OS that will just sit in a corner outside of the domain under everyone’s radar. My take is that we should take all precautions to block out intruders but not at the expense of cost, ease of use, and ease of implementation.

What do you think?

Commuter Challenge

In our never-ending quest to help the environment, AMIN Solutions always show our support for alternatives instituted by others to keep a green earth. We believe we have the most effect because we usually need to drive to get to our clients for our professional on-call services and our monthly maintenance services.
With this commutter challenge, we will try and reduce our carbon footprint by taking public transit to/from client sites.the only real challenge is getting to one of our clients in aldergrove. There must be bus service to that office. Also, we will push for remote control access to systems instead of going onsite. We can definitely do this for all our on-call support issues.
Here is link to the commutter challenge website for more info Http://