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Customer service is key or risk losing your clients

It’s been a difficult May and June 2011 month for us. Two of our staple clients have decided to end their managed IT services with us at AMIN Solutions and part ways. This is very unfortunate for us because we have worked together since 2008 and 2009. I’ll definitely miss working with them so I hope this isn’t really goodbye. I’ll try and go into some of the reasons this happened.

I have done work for the first client based in Aldergrove since 2006 and they just announced begining of May 2011 that they were finally bought out by another company. Dennis was nice enough to let us know in advance that this was coming. It wasn’t completely out of the blue and there was time to prepare for the fact that the other company has their own IT department. However, I was just hoping that the other company would want to transition their computer operations slowly and work with us through for a period of time. We weren’t so fortunate so that ended a managed monthly IT service for one of our most consistent clients. I feel this was unavoidable but we could have improved our chances of continued service if we kept up our monthly maintenance visits.

I have done work for the second client based in Vancouver since 2009 and they have just announced beginning June 2011 that they will end the monthly managed IT services with us and primarily use the other IT service provider that had been proving them helpdesk/desktop support at the same time. This was again another terrible news, but one that could have been completely avoided if I had kept up the service response that they rightfully deserve. I had become busy with another client for the past 4 months and had neglegted other areas of our business, customer service, and this is paramount to keeping a healthy professional relationship with existing clients. I like this company for their many IT projects and they will surely be missed.

We will of course learn from this and will continue to keep in touch in case other opportunities outside of managed IT services arise, like special projects and web development work. Next time will be better.