Migrating from EMC to Google Apps Standard Edition

I am currently helping a client convert their corporate email hosting provider from Electric Mail to Google’s GMail. We have just signed up for the Google Apps Standard Edition which is free for 50 users at 7GB per mailbox. We have just tested it with one of our domains and it works well. We changed the MX records for that domain to the Google advertised MX records (first column is the priority and second column is the fqdn of the Google MX server.

We waited a maximum of 1 hour after activating the email portion of the Google Apps package and had no issues sending/receiving mail after that. We will be customizing it to include a custom URL like webmail.domainname.com instead of using the default Google URL, and will also be uploading our custom company logo to replace the default Google logo. I’m excited about this project and will see what kind of challenges we run into exporting mail from existing EMC mail provider and using the Outlook client to POP3 mail. Also can’t wait to try out some of the shared applications like Calendar and Google Docs.