Vista Ultimate looks good

We recently completed upgrading all the computers at a client’s site to Dell Studio Hybrid running Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007. This was a complete change for everyone at the office. I showed everyone the basics like:

-changing the desktop background;
-changing the logon picture;
-alt+tab (2-dimensional) is replaced by WindowsKey+tab (3-dimensional);
-using the Dell dock to keep desktops uncluttered and auto-hiding it;
-using the Google sidebar to add gadgets like weather, maps, news, etc;
-changing the start menu to classics WinXP if desired;
-location of Printers group in Control Panel;
-adding shortcut icons in MS Office suite on the top bar such as open file, save, save as, print, quick print, print preview, and spell-check.

I also redirected them to a couple of online tutorials that are free. Free tutorials are hard to come around // and //

Immediately after the upgrade, one of the users somehow inverted their entire desktop upside down. I helped the user by forwarding them this tip below. I thought this was just hilarious but it can happen to anyone.

ctrl+alt+right key = screen rotated 90° to the right
ctrl+alt+down key = screen rotated 180° (upside down)
ctrl+alt+left key = screen rotated 90° to the left


Free videos on improving traffic to your site

I received the following videos for participating in a survey so I thought I might as well spread the wealth. These are learning videos and show you how to drive more traffic to your site. There are 10 videos and they explain SEO, use of keywords, pageranks, etc. It’s important to understand SEO because it doesn’t matter how great looking your site is if no one knows it exists. Enjoy!

Video 1: What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Video 2: Understanding How the Search Engines work

Video 3: Top Search Engine Optimization Myths

Video 4: 5 Steps to improve your website Search Engine Optimization

Video 5: How To Get Listed On Google And Other Search Engines in a few days

Video 6: Overview of Free Web Site Submission to Search Engines

Video 7: How To Boost your SERPS in Google and ranking in other search engines

Video 8: Understanding What Pagerank Is

Video 9: Understanding Keywords and Keyword Strategy in Search Engines

Video 10: 5 Free Ways to get Search Engine Traffic