Chromilo and I met at the local library to work on my brand-new website together.
As a tutor, Chromilo was easy to understand, and showed me how to make pages, menus, and customize my WordPress website by modifying the codes. The basic information I learned from him allowed me to go home and continue working on my website until our next session.”

Lisa, Sole proprietor //lfraserdesign.com
 October 31, 2010

The following testimonial is from Elizabeth Hernandez from Mexico. She is Jade’s previous co-worker and was a job applicant at a company that required Sharepoint skills:

“I had a very important technical job interview to prepare for and I requested Chromilo to help me out with MS Sharepoint. He understood the urgency and relevance of me getting well prepared and he focused on the main important aspects of the application combining it with his own expertise. I’d like to mention this was over the telephone as I was abroad, and his professionalism and efficient communication helped me out to the point to get my second interview with the same employee!”

Elizabeth Hernandez, SharePoint student
Jan 7, 2008