RaiderHansen Inc

RaiderHansen Inc is a Construction/Industrial/Safety supplier in BC with 5 offices all over the lower mainland. The engagement was to provide 2-day/month on-site support and break-fix remote support. Here is what the client had to say:

Brian, the Branch Manager at the Burnaby location, had good things to say about the service we (Allan) provided to fix Ryan’s network connectivity issue. We determined it was a network card problem and replace that quickly instead of trying out different sofware driver fixes. This is what he said when asked how things were:

“Seems to be good. He is away sick today so no one is really using it. I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks for the quick service.”

– February 10, 2010

This comment is from a client in Aldergrove, with a slow-printing issue issue. Replaced the native driver with a universal printer driver. This is what she had to say:

Good Morning!!!!
Yay!!!! You fixed it. I had to print up 100 pages and it was going good and then after about 6 pages it stopped.  Oh no I thought but ahah!!! I was just out of paper. Re-loaded and tadah!!! working great
Thank you so much for fixing it last night. It was sooooo irritating!!

– February 3, 2010