A client needed their logo resolution enhanced for printing. In order to get good quality logos printed for their golf tournament, I had to provide a couple of new logo designs and save them at 300 dpi. I used Adobe Photoshop CS2 for this.


I created this simple site for Malcolm at Talies In Works Canada Inc., using artwork designed by his daughter Julie. It’s made purely with Photoshop image maps and  image slices. This is what he had to say

client:The website looks good! Thanks for putting in the text ideas; I am starting to focus on what I need to say, and what pictures will be needed for the sub-pages. Also, I am thinking about other background pictures for the sub-pages rather than the Flyer art. I will call you and we can discuss what is involved in using her artwork, and how much work it is to change the background. I am OK with getting the website live now, and then making updates as we go along. 

-December 7, 2008