Essa Technologies

ESSA Technologies Ltd is a Canadian environmental consulting company with offices in BC and ON. The engagement was for 2-day/month on-site support and remote break-fix support. Here are some of the feedback from the clients there:


Clint said this comment below after we fixed access to a datasource in Vancouver from his office in Kelowna, as part of a time-sensitive project they are working on. Work was done late in the evening:

– May 14, 2010

Philip said this to Chromilo over the phone for helping implement a solution to host more than one website on a production web server without using virtual folders or silly masked url redirections which generates ajax errors:
“Thank you so much..glad to have you onboard working with us.”

– March 18, 2010

Don Robinson of ESSA technologies said this during the September 2009 monthly systems maintenance:

Thanks again for your excellent support. You really do keep us humming.

– December 12, 2009

Lorne Greig of ESSA technologies had this to say about my careful consideration of Internet Explorer 8:
While IE8 was on the system it was incredibly slow, took over a minute to close an application window, took 2 to 3 minutes to boot and the processor seemed to be constantly in overdrive.

You’ve made a good decision not to install it anywhere. Given my experience I’d recommend continuing that policy.


– June 1, 2009

When Donald Robinson of ESSA Technologies Ltd talked to Nick Santorelli at Grandview Blacktop Ltd about me for work reference, Nick said that I was very trustworthy and spoke very highly of me. I worked for him unsupervised and at odd hours so trust is paramount. They both agreed that in this line of work, trust and honesty is their primary concern above all else, and that technical prowess was only secondary. I agree.

– December 24, 2008