Daily Technical Support

To quickly help you out with daily support, onsite support can be made available during the work week to provide quick emergency fixes including but not limited to:

  • internet and email issues;
  • logon or computer startup issues;
  • virus cleaning and containment;
  • printing problems;
  • hardware failures related to computers like hard drives, memory, CD drives, etc.

We will always try and resolve things remotely when possible however. The simplest price schedule is the per-hour model and is negotiable:

  • 5-hour bank of hours (billed in advance) — $65/hr or $325 one-time retainer which expires in 1 year if unused;
  • 10-hour bank of hours (billed in advance) — $60/hr or $600 one-time retainer which expires in 1 year if unused;
  • 15-hour bank of hours (billed in advance) — $55/hr or $825 one-time retainer which expires in 1 year if unused;
  • 3 hours any day of the week for a month — $50/hr or $150/week billed in advance for the month at ~$600
  • Hourly — $70/hr

Please note the following regarding bank of hours (or block-of-time) only:

  • The block of time (or bank of hours) offered by AMIN Solutions expires in 1 year;
  • The block of time is valid 7×24, with a response time of an average of 4 hours;
  • Calls made after 17:00 and the holidays are counted as time and half;
  • The bank of hours can be used of on-site support;
  • The minimum time allotted for every on-site visit is two hours;
  • The bank of hours can also be used as telephone support and are counted in 30 minute portions;
  • A service receipt is signed by a person in charge on site. A copy is preserved by the customer and another for AMIN Solutions;
  • When 80% of the bank of hours is consumed, a request to top-off is issued to you.


Web Development

Each web development or maintenance request will be treated as a project proposal and will be based on the requirements from the client and the recommendations of AMIN Solutions.