Making sure an IT relocation project is successful

The move to the new office was successful for our client two weeks ago. They have now settled in and are now adjusting to their new offices, desks, and coffee shops in the vicinity. Many thanks go out to the team at for sending a group of people to help with the IT relocation.

We at couldn’t commit to doing the move because of prior commitments with another client. To set the correct expectations, I let the owner know well in advance of this fact and to engage/subcontract another tech company to do the actual move. I believe being honest, upfront, and setting realistic expectations with the client helped make this a successful move.

A second key piece to a successful move is getting professional advice from another local tech company that has done many IT relocations in the past. This is where helped out. They said that PLANNING is at the top of the list.

With this advice,

1) We offered a Project Coordinator to help with this project (which owner kindly declined this time).
2) We made sure the owner made a spreadsheet that lists all the tasks necessary from start to finish, who the assigned resources are for those items, and who to contact if ythings go wrong.
3) We asked the owner to confirm in advance with the ISP that the public IP addresses will be moved to the new office.
4) Helped ensure correct electrical circuits were put in place to match the UPS.
5) Asked for printouts of network diagrams, passwords, and server build documentation.
6) Re-scheduled full system backups to complete before power shutdown.
7) And finally, helped with shutdown script to ensure all servers were gracefully powered off.

The only thing we could have done better was plan for better server room cooling. We under-estimated cooling requirements and have had to power off some systems until more cooling is purchased.

Overall, the owner was very pleased with the whole move. Moves are often unpleasant but I believe this couldn’t have gone any better.

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