The 5 Biggest Mistakes Network Admins Make

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Technology has grown by leaps and bounds since the first personal computer came on the market. It certainly has kept the field of information technology stable, providing help, employment, and other resources for not only the folks in IT, but businesses and home offices alike.

The people that are primarily responsible for the way your office computer works is that of the IT department, which is usually made up of a team of technology professionals or in some cases, just one or two people. A network administrator is someone who identifies, sets up, and manages the computer network of corporation or business. Their job is to make sure that the office is set up for internet and in house connectivity, as well as keeping the system running and updated when needed.

Unfortunately, some network admins may mistakes that can cost the business they are working in. Here are five biggest mistakes that network admins make.

1. Implementing New Tech without the Test

This is one of those mistakes that newly minted network admins – and even the pros – make when coming into a new work environment. The given lifespan of technology is a short one and it makes sense that keeping systems updated and bringing in the new technology is a no brainer. Unfortunately, the rush to get new technology may often backfire if not tested completely before implementation.

2. Under/Overestimating Employees

Every tech person has a story for encountering that co-worker who doesn’t know anything about computers or thinks they know EVERYTHING about computers. Unfortunately, this means that network admins will either talk down to those that actually are technological savvy or dismiss those that may not be. Treating employees as if they don’t know anything or getting frustrated usually backfires on you, as they will think twice in calling you when there’s a problem or they will try and fix it themselves.

3. Overlooking Security

While network admins and other IT managers enforce security for their business, many of them don’t use that same enforcement when it comes to their own office or department. No network admin would allow for an employee to not have a password or for a PC to remain unlocked when they aren’t at their desks, however these rules never seem to apply to them, as they ‘know better’. In this case, taking the same precautions that you ask of your employees is paramount.

4. Not Taking Time Off

Everyone needs a vacation once and a while, but IT pros seem to be the exception to that. The downside of this workaholic mentality is that often times, the network admin will become burned out, not only in their job, but the management of their network.

5. Not Asking for Help

While you may be praised for knowing everything there is to the technical, no one can know everything all the time. Many network admins and IT pros are reluctant to ask for help, citing that as the pro or expert, they should know it. This often comes back to bite when something comes up that he or she doesn’t know.


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