Multi-tasking is hard work for an IT entrepreneur or freelancer

I’m trying to keep to a schedule of 1 blog a week but it is hard, especially with the type of multi-tasking society we have become. This is the type that needs to consistently update our status online for an audience of ‘friends’ wherever we are (while driving, god forbid) and whatever we are doing (on vacation in Mexico so crooks, come have a go at my house). Its not right and I believe it has become an addiction.

I have a young family and am focusing my energy on them instead of blogging or being on social media. I do have time during my daily commute to work to ponder on some topics for my blog but I think those are the only times I’m willing to invest on this. This is the only time I am willing to multi-task because I am focused on the topic and since it does take me an hour to get home, I do end up with content that I wouldn’t have been able to come up when at home with screaming kids. I have to ditch my blackberry smartphone however because it isn’t helping with my priorities, and I constantly get reminded of this by my spouse.

We all need to multi-task but need to prioritize and schedule so that productivity is maximized. A popular time management analogy used is the story of putting in big stones first in a glass jar, then the pebbles, and finally the sand. If we reversed that process and poured in the sand first, then the pebbles, we would not have enough space for the big rocks. The rocks, pebbles, and sand of course represented the tasks we need to work on in a day and the key is to spend as much time working on the bigger tasks first before tackling the smaller ones. This is all part of time management and we have to get good at multi-tasking especially as IT freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Here is a great article by Tim Sanders on time management advice for blogging Great read.

Robert Pagliarini also tweeted about this and covers it more in his book “@rPagliarini: Multitasking has been proven in study after study to decrease productivity, but Chunking is not multitasking.”.

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