Providing IT support thru your smartphone

One thing that I am working on is the ability to do more work from my smartphone. A lot of IT professionals are constantly on the move and are finding less time in front of a desktop computer. I am consistenly away from my desk and find that I never get much done whenever me and my PC are separated. The one device I do have attached to my hip (literally) is my smartphone. Now it allows me to check emails, instant message, update social media stats, open some attachments, surf the net, take pictures/videos, and make phone calls. I find that I still cannot run simple diagnostics necessary to improve support reponse. Diagnostics like ping tests on local servers, or force a restart remotely of some servers, from my smartphone. I am even working on getting remote access or remote control capability to client sites. This is a challenge and if I can get these 3 helper tools on my smartphone, I’ll be able to extend the business value we provide to our clients by providing faster response.

I have designed a web application that allows me to do all this from my smartphone and from inside the clients’ LAN. All our clients run some form of intranet web server and my web application runs on IIS, ASPX dot net framework, and C#. It uses all the built-in functions available with dot net and is easy to port to each client site because its modular (I used Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition). I’ll post more details on the code and how it works at a later date so stay tuned.

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