Dell Vostro 1720 laptop – how do you like it?

Our client in Burnaby has already purchased a second Dell Vostro 1720 but so far has proven to be a disappointing model to standardize on. The biggest complaint we have with it is the keyboard. Its a little bouncy and doesn’t feel right. Its not any specific key on the keyboard that I can pin-point it to but all I can say is that it feels flimsy and not as clickity responsive like the Toshiba or Lenovo laptops.

I called Dell support for hardware warranty. The phone support was great, tech was pleasant, responsive, and whole experience was positive. The only issue I had was with the security in getting support. The tech asked me what company registered the laptop and it wasn’t the reseller I dealt with. I was stumped at the point. It wasn’t registered to my company or my client I purchased it for. This frustrated me because I had to hang up and call my reseller to find out who they registered the Dell warranty to so that I can get support. I did get the support I needed and keyboard was replaced. To improve on support, Dell should allow for support as long as warranty is active and not include another level of redtape. That is what HP does. Just my 10 cents (keep the change).