Using OpenDNS to provide web filtering

We recently set up one of the sites in Burnaby with a new OpenDNS account in order to see what staff are surfing during business hours and also see if anything is causing their bandwidth degradation woes. We found a lot of hits into an site and it turned out to be a media player of some sort that streamed content to that branch, overloading their internet connection daily. We have since blocked access to those sites.

The setup was fairly easy and we had to get creative in setting up the DNS on a router that is set up with dynamic IP from Telus. The manual walks you through changing the name servers to match the OpenDNS name servers but does not go into any details on what you would do for sites that are set up with dynamic IP, which means I couldn’t make changes to name servers. The only thing that I could do was change the name servers offered by the router acting as the DHCP server for the site. This works except that access to local resources breaks because they don’t have a local DNS server that maps local resources. I’ll work around this soon by upgrading the infrastructure to Windows 2008 AD but in the meantime they are configured to refer to local resources via IP and this solution works as they mainly use Terminal Services to run corporate applications.

We’ll be configuring the other sites soon with this solution.

Earth-hour is tonight at 8:30p

I can’t believe its another earth-hour event tonight. We spent it at a friends house last year and I remember it vividly because it was the same night I thought I lost my wedding ring. Its a terrible feeling having to grope around in the dark for it. A worst feeling having to retrace your steps in memory and not getting any definite flashbacks as to its whereabouts. I did eventually find it in the back seat of my car. It must have fallen off when I was putting my daughter into her car seat.
Like last year, we at AMIN Solutions took part in this global event to save on energy. We switched off all lights, computers, monitors, and printers. We’ll make sure to do the same tonight. Its just for an hour so it isn’t a big deal. Please take part if you can. Here is more info //