Vista Ultimate looks good

We recently completed upgrading all the computers at a client’s site to Dell Studio Hybrid running Vista Ultimate and MS Office 2007. This was a complete change for everyone at the office. I showed everyone the basics like:

-changing the desktop background;
-changing the logon picture;
-alt+tab (2-dimensional) is replaced by WindowsKey+tab (3-dimensional);
-using the Dell dock to keep desktops uncluttered and auto-hiding it;
-using the Google sidebar to add gadgets like weather, maps, news, etc;
-changing the start menu to classics WinXP if desired;
-location of Printers group in Control Panel;
-adding shortcut icons in MS Office suite on the top bar such as open file, save, save as, print, quick print, print preview, and spell-check.

I also redirected them to a couple of online tutorials that are free. Free tutorials are hard to come around // and //

Immediately after the upgrade, one of the users somehow inverted their entire desktop upside down. I helped the user by forwarding them this tip below. I thought this was just hilarious but it can happen to anyone.

ctrl+alt+right key = screen rotated 90° to the right
ctrl+alt+down key = screen rotated 180° (upside down)
ctrl+alt+left key = screen rotated 90° to the left


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