VMware Certified Professional on VI3

Hurray. I passed the VCP 310 exam today with a score of 83% (passing was 70%). This was a hard exam with a lot of confusing questions. It covered VMware Converter Enterprise which I haven’t had much exposure to other than in the lab. I use VMware Converter Standard (the free edition) to convert physical servers to virtual machines and this seemed to help but a lot of it was just guess work. Other questions were vague simply because I have not used it in production, like DRS (Dynamic Resource Scheduling), HA (High-Availability), or fiber-channel LUNs. With DRS, I didn’t know what a red cluster means in the VirtualCenter inventory list, or what New Task Wizard allows you to schedule. These questions that I didn’t know peaked my interest in those topics and you bet that I’ll quickly find out what I didn’t before with some research and lab work. We are also just weeks away from implementing a full VirtualCenter installation with DRS, HA, and NFS. Getting certified in VMware allows me to fully appreciate the technology getting implemented at my other client and am looking forward to pushing it to its limits.

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