Ruby on Rails Application

I recently completed a research project that aims to provide a social networking platform that caters to 18-35 yr old demographics using common devices like cell phones and the web for communication. It involved the use of protocols such as SMS and MMS on the cell phones to communicate to a web application. I built the data model, mobile gateway interfaces, the flexible messaging model to handle messages via email, phone, or web form upload, layout theme processor to handle layouts for mobile and web devices and the actual game to run on the platform. Unfortunately, Im not allowed to disclose more details due to research company legalities but I would be happy to consult on your next Ruby on Rails project.

Some of the technologies used:

Ruby – //
Ruby on Rails – //
Mobile Muse Gateway api – //
MySQL database – //
Web Service – //
Apache/FastCGI – // & //
Mongrel – //


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