The Business Value of Vista – another event held by VANTUG

If you are looking at rolling out Vista, this event on March 29 may be of interest to you. I received the following email from Graham Jones regarding another VANTUG event.


When new products are launched we typically get inundated with technical material which of course is important to all IT Professionals. However, today it is increasingly important for IT professionals at all levels in an organization to relate new product features to the business and not simply view it as a new piece of technology to learn. Expect that trend to continue in the future. Becoming business savvy as well as technically savvy will pay dividends in your career.

We are fortunate that Charlie Russel, MVP has offered to come and talk to us about the Business Value of Vista. Be assured this is not a “marketing” talk. Charlie is a techie through and through. It will be technical in nature but will take new features of Vista and relate them to where they can provide added business value. For example, security, deployment, 64 bit (Charlie’s favourite topic), etc..

Charlie is a much sought after speaker and regularly writes white papers for Microsoft on a wide range of topics such as SBS, Longhorn, Vista, etc.

The event will be held on March 29 (welcome time 6pm) at SportBC, 1367 West Broadway, Vancouver (welcome time 6pm). Please note that since this is not an event directly sponsored by MSFT no pizza and pop will be serverd. Since space at SportBC is limited make sure to register early. Please use the following link to register:



Graham Jones
President, VANTUG

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